Last resort device when professional equipment is missing



  • CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure ) is a form of positive airway pressure ventilator, which applies mild air pressure on a continuous basis. It keeps the airways continuously open in people who are able to breathe spontaneously on their own, but need help keeping their airway unobstructed.
  • PEEP (positive end-expiratory pressure) - minimal pressure, that is required for the lungs not to collapse


We create a low-cost, safe to use emergency grade ventilators to help all who suffer from COVID19. We share the open source projects of ventilators that can be made from basic parts locally. We deliver ventilators to all in need, from Poland with love. We show validated projects before 1st of April. We are ready to start mass production before 10th of April.

NEEDS - work first on it

  • CEPAP ventilator – very needed. First to use for patients with COVID19. May stabilize patients health. Patient might be even cured with CEPAP. Gives time to the medics to deal with worser cases.
  • PSV / BiPAP ventilator – more difficult to make (advanced sensors, alarms), but necessary for patients with serious breathing problems.
  • Masks – medical might be not available. SLS production can be certified. You might use 3D face scans (averaged).
  • Additional elements: hoses, adapters, valves, filters. Please adapt to medical and not medical standards (i.e. electric / water hoses, 3D printed adapters, standard HEPA filters etc.).


  • We create more than one ventilator project.
  • Simplicity and effectiveness are essential.
  • Mass available components only or modules, which can use alternative parts (i.e. hoses, turbines, pipes, sensors, valves etc).
  • 3D printed components allowed.
  • Might be produced instantly.
  • Can be produced in emerging regions of the world (optional).


Becomes easier right now. Emergency ventilators for developing countries must be safe for patients in terms of mechanics, electronics and biology, but does not have to meet all regulations and certifications.

Design first. Others will be checking for patent infringement. Use reverse engineering and change design (it is legal).


We started the project as volunteers. Thanks to media engagement we will receive funding for project development. This is still a non commercial project. Please: Work as quickly as possible. Work hard, work efficient. The deadline is the death of many people.


Please familiarize with those projects: mechanics, electronics:

  • Project 1
  • Project 2
  • Project 3 (mistakes - oxygen can not go through mechanical parts!) Those are mostly open source projects. Please take and use good solutions. You must give appropriate credit (attribution), provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. Ventilators Before you start working, you must watch and read very carefully, if you do not have medical background:
  • Link 1
  • Link 2
  • Link 3
  • Link 4 Medicine
  • Link 1 Please read other sources before you start asking questions. Share only good knowledge. Thank you for your support, millions all over the world are waiting for outcomes of your work. You are saving life. You are saving somebody’s mother, husband, friend. You are a technical hero.